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Hello friends!  I don’t know about any of you, but my workouts have been sort of sporadic since my kiddos have been back in school.  It has been quite hectic around our house  getting back into the routine of school, homework, evening activities, me starting a new project (I became a Shaklee Health and Wellness Consultant), and you know just life in general.

For me, I work during the day while my kids are in school and once I pick them up from school our evenings are busy with homework, getting dinner on the table, extra curricular activities, and family time.  So working out in the evening is difficult for me.  And there is no way I am going to workout after the littles are in bed…I would be too wired up to go to sleep at a decent time (I know this from experience!).  So that leaves me to workout first thing in the morning, before anyone else has to be up.  That means me getting up around 5:15.  I am not naturally that early of a morning person, so getting out of my comfy bed at that hour just seems like plain torture.  For real.  I used to be in a really good habit of doing this, but during the summer I was able to workout in the afternoons so my early morning routine got all messed up.  So in order to get my workouts in, getting up at the crack of dawn (well actually it is not the crack of dawn because it is still pitch black out that early in the morning) is a must.


Okay, no more complaining about the early morning alarm!  In fact, there are many benefits to working out early in the morning.  So I am going to try to focus on those instead of dreading that alarm, and unwrapping myself from my nice cocoon of warm comfy blankets, and my feet hitting the cold floor, and the dark…okay, okay, I said no more complaining!


  • Exercise increases your focus and mental energy so you will be more alert the rest of the day which can help you be super productive at work, school, home, whatever activities you have ahead of you during the day.
  • Exercise boosts your metabolic rate and by exercising early in the morning you are firing up your metabolism for the rest of the day.
  • Exercising first thing in the morning gets your blood pumping and boosts your endorphins which can set your mood up to have a positive and happy day.
  • Exercising first thing in the morning gets it out of the way so you get it done and can be more consistent to get your workouts in.
  • Exercising first thing in the morning can help you get better sleep.  Studies have shown that early morning workouts improves both the length and quality of your sleep at night.


Now that we are back in the groove of the school routine it is time to get back to regular workouts.  The twice weekly workouts I have been doing this past month just aren’t cutting it.  And the thing is, I really enjoy working out.  It makes me feel great.  Those endorphins get going and I feel so much more energetic and happy from working out.  The key for me is to do things I love.  So last night I sat down and planned out some workouts for this next week.

One of my biggest workout loves is pilates.  I love the balanced life with Robin Long.  She is a pilates instructor and blogger and she has an amazing site with lots of pilates videos.  She also has a wonderful membership to her site called the sisterhood that I am a part of.  With the sisterhood, Robin gives a monthly calendar to follow, an exclusive monthly pilates workout, recipes, a monthly mission to work on, and an amazing community that supports one another.  It is seriously good stuff!

I also love following the Tone It Up ladies.  This site was created by two health professionals, Karena and Katrina, and they also have an amazing site filled with workouts, recipes, and they also have a wonderful community of ladies that follow them and support one another.,

This next week I am getting my workouts from these two sites.  This is my workout plan for the rest of this week:

  • Tuesday:  The Balanced Life online Full Body Fusion pilates workout
  • Wednesday:  Tone it Up Ultimate Booty Call; Tone it Up Inner and Outer Thigh routine; The Balanced Life stretch and relax pilates
  • Thursday:  Tone it Up Band workout; Tone it Up Total Body Tone Up;  The Balanced Life 5 minutes pilates for the booty
  • Friday:  Tone it Up Get Lit and Hiit; The Balanced Life 30 days of pilates Abs
  • Saturday:  The Balanced Life September workout Full Body Target Toning
  • Sunday:  Sunday Runday and Tone it Up Tailand Tush

This is my plan and I am going to do my best to stick with it.  I generally like to workout for 45-60 minutes.  One thing I am working on is that it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach.  It is great to have a plan, but realistically sometimes life gets in the way.  So, if I can’t get in my planned workout or can’t make the 45-60 minute workout happen, doing a little bit, even a 10 minute video is better than skipping the day altogether.


Something this momma desperately needs to work on and accept.

What workouts do you have planned for the week?

Thought this was funny!
Thought this was funny!

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