What I Ate Wednesday

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I am going to join in on the “What I Ate Wednesday” bandwagon.  Not sure if it will be a regular Wednesday thing or not at this point.  But I thought it would be fun to track through pictures what I ate throughout the day.

First up: Breakfast!  I love breakfast, however our mornings are quite hectic so I generally make myself a smoothie.


This morning I made a smoothie with Shaklee Life Chocolate Shake Mix.  I threw in a banana, 1 TBSP Peanut Butter, 1 TBSP flax seeds, a little 100% cacao powder, ice, and almond milk.  Delicious!!!  This kept me full all the way to lunchtime.


For lunch I had leftovers from the night before.  On Tuesday night I made a Taco Tuesday Feast.  I  browned ground beef and seasoned with homemade taco seasoning.  The packaged seasoning is full of items we don’t need and it is so easy to make up your own seasoning blend.  I made homemade refried beans and fresh guacamole.  I used to never eat guacamole.  Not sure why because I am not a picky eater at all, but something always made me turn away from it.  A few years ago I fell in love with it and now I could sit with good guacamole and chips and just eat and eat and eat.  I also made a quinoa, pepper, and bean salad.  We love this, well all of us but my oldest.  My youngest, Muppet, was so excited to get this in his lunch box!  It is super simple:  Mix black beans, quinoa, peppers (I use red, orange, and yellow), cilantro, and this time I used both red onion and green onion.  I drizzle with olive oil to my liking and then season with the same homemade taco seasoning blend I used for the meat, extra cumin, sea salt, and a creole seasoning.  So today I had leftover bean, quinoa, and pepper salad with baby carrots and an orange.  (I actually did not end up eating the orange at lunch and instead ate it after I went running in the afternoon.)


I really felt like going for a walk/run during the morning while I was at work so I told myself I would go in the afternoon.  However, once I was actually able to go for a run, I started thinking of all the excuses I had to avoid it – I should be doing some chores around the house, I could just use the time to get some quiet reading done, it was too hot out, I just didn’t feel like it.  But I tied up my laces and went.  And it was HOT!  Probably not the smartest move on my part because it was really humid out, but I managed to get in about 2 miles doing walk/run intervals.  I have tried many many times to be a runner.  But I hate it.  I mean HATE it!  I enjoy working out so I have come to terms that it is okay to not like running.  I do really love doing walk/run intervals though, so that works for me!  No reason to do exercise you don’t like.  Exercise should be enjoyable and something you want to do to treat your body right.


After my run I had lots of water!!!  I ate my orange that I did not eat at lunch.  And I made myself another smoothie this time with Shaklee Life Cafe’ Latte Shake Mix, a little 100% cacao powder, ice, and almond milk.  My afternoon snack varies day to day.   Today I really didn’t feel like chewing anything but I needed something to refuel after my workout.  And I think because it was so hot and my body was cooling down I just wanted a cold smoothie.


Look at these beauties I got from the garden!  I am not much of a gardener, but I have been trying the last few years. I planted lots of tomatoes this summer and we have had an abundance of them!


Dinner tonight was Tomato Bisque Soup and Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing out of the 100 Days of Real Food cookbook by Lisa Leake.  This is one of my favorite meals to make out of this book.  The soup is rich and comforting and the salad reminds me of a salad I loved that my grandma used to make.

Evenings are usually difficult for me snacking wise, so I am trying to be more mindful of that.  Tonight, I was not hungry at all so no snacks after dinner!

So this is What I Ate Wednesday!  Hope you had some delicious and nutritious meals today!



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