My Shaklee

I am quite proud do call myself a health nut!  I have always loved learning about health, nutrition, fitness, and healthy living.  I am very passionate about providing a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.  I want us to eat well to nourish our bodies and keep us strong and healthy.  I want us to be active and live a vibrant life full of energy.  I want to instill these values in my children while they are young so that hopefully they will have a deeply rooted healthy lifestyle as they get older.  I also want to surround my family with a home that is a safe environment, one that is not full of chemicals.


Because of these values, I have decided to be a part of the Shaklee family.  This is a company that I trust completely with providing products that are not only effective, but also safe for us and the planet.  Here are some highlights about Shaklee:

  • Shaklee is the number one natural health and wellness company in the US.
  • Shaklee has been around for over 60 years.
  • Shaklee offers 4 product lines – Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Weight, Healthy Home, and Healthy Beauty.
  • Every product that goes into a Shaklee bottle is designed to improve health, work, and be gentle to the planet.
  • Dr. Shaklee believed that nature is the best medicine.  “The medical field is interested in treating disease.  I’m interested in building health.” – Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee
  • Shaklee products are safe.  Our products undergo a screening process that surpasses even the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia.
  • Shaklee products are proven.  Our products are backed by 71 patents and patents-pending, and over 120 published scientific papers and presentations.
  • Shaklee products are guaranteed.  We stand behind our products with a 100% money-back guarantee – no questions asked.


 My Shaklee Story

I was introduced to Shaklee by a friend of mine who had been using Shaklee products since 2007.  She would occasionally post about Shaklee on Facebook and I was always intrigued by what she posted.  In early 2015, I decided I wanted to switch my home cleaning products to something safe and not full of harmful chemicals.  I contacted my friend and she set me up with Basic H2.  I fell in love!  I am quite a neat freak and clean daily so I was so impressed that I had found not only a great cleaner but one that didn’t have a “cleaner” smell to it.  And, that bottle gives you quite a bang for your buck!  I am still currently (as I write this it is September 2016) on that same bottle, and like I said, I clean a lot!

In September 2015, I again contacted my friend after she had posted on Facebook that while she was at Shaklee conference she began feeling a headache come on and she took an Energy Chew and drank some water and her headache went away.  I was intrigued since I still get occasional headaches/migraines so I contacted her and started on some of the nutrition supplements.  Again, I fell in love with these Shaklee products!  I loved that the health of myself and my family was getting a boost and I never had to worry about the safety of the products because I trust Shaklee.  I noticed the Shaklee products helped my energy level and also helped to keep us from getting sick very often.  When we do come down with something, I turn to some of my favorite Shaklee products and we seem to recover much quicker.

In August 2016, I was just getting ready to launch by blog and I was really nervous about doing it.  I wanted to talk a lot about health on my blog because living a healthy lifestyle is my number one passion, well, in addition to being the best mom I can be!  I was literally in tears on the phone with my husband telling him I was unsure about starting the blog but really wanting to do it when I got a Facebook message from my Shaklee friend.  She was telling me that while she was at Shaklee conference over the weekend she wanted to reach out to me about becoming a distributor because she knows how passionate I am about health and nutrition.  It was a complete “God moment” and from there a fire was lit in me.  For the first time in a very long time I knew the path I was on was the right one.

So, I signed up to be a distributor!  My goal and desire is to spread the message to others that taking care of your health is the best gift to give yourself.  My motto is:  Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  Slow down and enjoy the journey.  Take care of the beautiful body you have been blessed with and be grateful for each day you are given.

I am so excited to help you and be on your health journey with you!  If you would like to learn more about how Shaklee can help you live a healthy lifestyle, please contact me.  You can also check out my Shaklee website.

Wishing you a lifetime of health!