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When I decided to start this blog, I knew that I would write about my family but I also knew that I wanted to keep their identities somewhat private.  It is just a personal decision.  I know some people write blogs and are comfortable sharing everything.  Some like to keep certain things private.  I fall into the private group.  I will definitely be sharing some personal stuff here on the blog, but when it comes to my kids’ names and pictures of them, those will remain private.  You will probably see pictures of them from behind or above, but not their faces.  I am doing this for security reasons, for one.  Let’s face it, the world wide web is huge and can be a little scary.  But also, I looked at it from my kids’ perspective.  Is it fair to them to put them out there in a very public way?  What if as they get older they don’t want to have their names and faces out on the internet.  I know that may sound crazy in the social media world we live in, but it is something I considered for them.  I know lots of bloggers do put their kids names and faces on their blog, and that is fine.  I am not saying it is wrong or judging.  I am just saying what I am comfortable with at this moment in time.

But, I need to be able to refer to my family when I write blog posts.  My kiddos will have the nicknames my sister gave to them when I was pregnant with each of them.  She gave each one a nickname early in my pregnancies, even before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl.  So here is how I will refer to these lovely people of mine:


This is my hubby.  I chose his nickname because of his love for comics.  And, because he is my superman!


This is my oldest.  He was given the nickname Scout after my sister’s favorite character, Scout Jean Louise Finch, in her favorite book To Kill A Mockingbird.


This is my middle child.  She was given the name Petey after the name of the boy in her favorite movie, Pete’s Dragon.


This is my baby.  He was given the name Muppet because my sister loved the Muppets, especially Kermit the Frog.

So, it may sound crazy when I refer to them, but Superman, Scout, Petey, and Muppet are my family.



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