End of Summer Blues

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I am sad.  Very, very sad.  Today is my least favorite day of the entire year…the last day of summer with my kiddos.  I hate back to school.  I absolutely love having my children with me all day during the summer.  I saw a picture floating around facebook one year that  showed some kids with their backpacks on standing in front of their garage and they all had these very sad expressions on their little faces.  And then the mom was standing next to them with a big smile on her face and she was jumping midair with her hands raised and she just looked so dang happy.

I am not that mom.  Not saying there  is anything wrong with her.  Not saying it is bad if you are excited your kids are going back to school.  I am just saying that I am not.  Is it because my children are precious angels and do no wrong?  HECK NO!!!  There have been many arguments this summer.  Feelings have gotten hurt.  My children have annoyed each other for no other reason than to just be annoying and stir trouble.  My patience has been tested, and lost at times.

But, we have had a wonderful summer.  We have had a good balance of going on outings and having some lazy days at home relaxing.   We’ve gone to outside movie nights, the zoo, the science center.  We’ve gone to the park several times.  We swam a lot.  We had fun with cousins.  The kids had fun going to some camps and going to VBS.  The kids have had wonderful nights staying outside with neighborhood friends until the sun went down.  We went on a great family vacation to Gulf Shores and spent an amazing week being beach bums.  It has been lovely.

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So I am sad to see it end.  The other night I was letting our dog outside around 8:30 and I decided to sit outside with him for awhile.  Sitting there, I just had this feeling of pure summertime bliss.  It smelled like summer.  I could feel the heat in the air.  I heard the sound of all the little bugs and creatures that come out at night during the summer.  I heard the sound of air condition units kicking on.  I could still hear the sounds of some neighborhood kids outside playing.  I absolutely love the feeling, sounds, and smells of summertime.  So I am sad that all this is coming to an end.  Sad for no more lazy summer days.  Sad to have to go back to a more rigid/hectic schedule.

This year back to school is even harder for me to deal with because we are sending our baby to kindergarten.  I am having a horrible time processing this.  It has been difficult sending all of my littles to kindergarten, but Muppet is my baby.  I have always had another child with me all day when I sent the other two to kindergarten.  For twelve years I have had  one of my kids with me all day.  I have really had a difficult time thinking about this next stage I am entering.   But there is a part of me excited about the changes…it’s just right now the sadness and anxiety is overpowering that happiness.

So tonight we will make sure the backpacks are ready, outfits laid out, showers taken, books read, and bedtime enforced.  I will tuck my kiddos in and say an extra prayer for their protection.  I will ask God to look after my babies on their first day.  I will ask that He keep them safe and that they will learn many new things this year.  That they will make new friends and current friendships will continue to grow.  I will ask Him to continue guiding them into the wonderful children I am so very proud of.  And, I will ask God to help them to be happy, strong, and confident.


Tomorrow morning we will wake and the hustle and bustle of school day mornings will begin.  Lunches will be made and packed.  First day of school pictures will be taken.  I will kiss Scout good-bye and he will be off with Superman.  And then I will take Petey and Muppet to school.  All morning I will feel the lump in my throat telling me tears are just waiting to poor, but I will be strong because the morning will be busy!  But I know that the moment I enter  the school with my two littlest by my side, I will have to start choking back the tears.  I can’t and won’t cry in front of them.  Once I get back to my car and drive away all alone in the silence, that is when the tears will fall and I will start counting down the hours until pick up time.

Oh summertime…wish you stayed longer…I love you so!


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